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Guiding You Through The Difficulties Of Divorce

Divorce often causes a great deal of upheaval in the lives of families and any minor children involved. Even a basic divorce case involves many complicated pieces, from property division to child custody to court-mandated education programs. If you are considering or facing divorce, obtaining knowledgeable legal counsel from an experienced lawyer can help avoid obstacles while protecting your interests throughout the process.

I am a Slayton-based divorce attorney who provides experienced representation in both uncontested and contested divorces. I understand all the moving parts of even the most complicated divorce cases. I will be a fierce advocate for your rights.

Since 1996, my firm has built a solid reputation for efficient, responsible and reliable service. When clients leave the office, they feel relieved knowing that their legal matter is in good hands.

Navigating Child Custody

In most divorce cases, there are two major stumbling blocks: child custody and property division. When minor children are involved, it is important to hire an attorney who is familiar with the early neutral evaluation (ENE) programs in the 5th and 8th judicial districts. These programs can streamline the divorce process by addressing and resolving custody disputes early on.

I can readily help you navigate the ENE process with an eye toward resolving custody disputes in a manner that will protect your parental rights while advancing your children’s best interests.

Additionally, I am familiar with area programs and resources for parents facing custody battles. I taught Parents Forever, an educational program assisting parents and families through the difficult transitions of divorce, for a number of years. My firm is dedicated to helping clients and families improve their lives over the long haul.

Protecting Your Rights In Property Division

I am also highly knowledgeable and experienced in all matters related to property division. I regularly work with CPAs, tax professionals, surveyors, appraisers, business valuators and other resources to more effectively advocate for my clients’ interests.

I am particularly attuned to the concerns that farmers and farm owners face in divorce. Whether you are a farmer or a part-owner of a large family-run farm operation, I can help you protect your livelihood.

Now Is The Time To Learn Your Rights

I represent clients throughout southwest Minnesota and am willing to travel to you. To speak with me about your divorce, call 507-836-6757 or contact me online.

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– Jim Rohn